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Identifying the common problem of hosting companies in the world.

  1. In a world where hosting companies and "web hosting" services in particular have gained momentum, there have been few who have done so in the right and purest way to maintain a qualified development environment for developers and website builders.

    Many hosting companies have adopted the method of earning the maximum profit with only minimal investment in infrastructure. They prioritize their personal pocket and do not provide the customer with a genuine product that will serve it safely and reliably. For financial reasons only, the same companies choose to provide "web hosting" services on cheap physical servers with old hardware (or "cloud hosting" services on virtual servers based on the same old hardware in a different configuration - in short, it is the same product exactly). . The hosted client remains exposed to the wonders of nature and physical failures - burnt disk, slow memory, power outages and more. These hosting companies have no immediate access to handle their servers in real time, the customer experiences uptime and load time failures and a lack of service. – We are here to change this.

    We in "Vangus" believe in a different approach, We believe in that good name and good customer experience is 10 times more important than maximizing profits on behalf of good service. And so we have invested heavily in infrastructure to give business owners, developers and website builders the ideal, fastest and most secure environment for them.

What's our solution? Google Cloud.

  1. We chose to partner with "Google" and provide premium web hosting services on top of the most expensive and powerful infrastructure on the market. The cost of Google's infrastructure is about four times that of any physical infrastructure with the same parallel hardware. The performance, speed and confidence we give our customers - is not at all comparable to the various competitors. In addition, as a result of our collaboration and service agreements with Google, our prices remain competitive and comfortable for every pocket.

    Google has 17 datacenters in the world, in every datacenter you can find the best server setups in the world with the best technologies in the hosting market today. Each datacenter has an active backup that synchronizes in real time to the remote closest datacenter - which allows Google to experience any disaster without the need for recovery.

    Google Cloud hosts the world's largest companies (for example, NASA works with Google Cloud for space research) "Google" is the only provider that can provide infrastructure security to these companies. All of this is underpinned by its server architecture that provides great stability, intercontinental backup, and the most impressive network today.

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