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Web hosting on Google Cloud platform, made reliable and affordable.

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Our expert team will handle your website migration from the previous host quickly and professionally.

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Our hosting platform runs on the Google Cloud Platform - providing maximum stability to your site.

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Our team is composed of skilled web developers and top-notch sys admins available for you 24\7.

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Business owners, web developers, advertising agencies.
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Fast and easy migration

We will make it easy, quick and without surprises.

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We provide a 30 day trial for each hosting plan without the need of any credit card information. You can just sign up and test our services without any obligation on your part.

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We provide site migration service to all our customers. This service can be used easily by submitting a site migration request ticket.

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Our experts will quickly transfer your site from the previous hosting and update you throughout the migration process. The average transfer time takes about 30 minutes.

Revolutionary management panel

A masterpiece for a smart and efficient workflow.


Scheduled automatic backups + Integration with the best storage services: Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon.

SSL certificates

One-click SSL Certificate installation (including Certificate Authority).

PHP management

All PHP versions choose between 5.4-7.3 and switch version within one simple click.


Install any WordPress version you would like, with one click of a button. Manage your plugins, themes, and updates from the hosting panel. Protect your WordPress from all known vulnerabilities.

And hundreds of more features to help you work more efficiently.

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AI advanced security

Our security system works in AI configuration and is, therefore, receiving live updates on the latest security breaches in the market. Vangus is connected to the global cyber network, so our customer sites are first to be protected from new attacks.

One-Click SSL Certificate Installation

As part of the service and standard we have set, you can install one and one completely free Click SSL Certificate Installation. The SSL certificates we provide are automatically renewed and updated according to global security standards.

Free daily backups

We provide daily backups to all sites stored on our servers. Backups are included in the service and do not take up your storage space. If needed, your site can be restored with one click from the backup manager in your storage.

Switching PHP versions in a click

We provide you with various and most up-to-date PHP versions to run your site. From version 5.4 to 7.3. Our Admin panel allows you to change the PHP version with one click and thus adjust the site's code to the correct version.

Personal antivirus

Our customers enjoy antivirus services installed on every storage account on our server. This service allows you to scan the site files and clear the infected files with a click. The infected files are backed up if necessary.

Business mailboxes

As part of the storage service, we provide every business owner the opportunity to create quality mailboxes and spam immunity within a few clicks. These boxes can be connected to known software such as Outlook, Gmail, and mobile devices.

WordPress Development Environment

As part of advanced WordPress control, you can replicate any WordPress site to another \ Sub-Domain \ Staging environment on one click and quickly. All this without the hassle of file transfer and database replication.

Themes and extensions management

Our management interface allows you to manage the themes and extensions installed on your WordPress site. This contributes significantly to streamlining installations, modifications, and troubleshooting related to component conflicts.

Install WordPress in a click

Our admin panel gives you broad control over WordPress sites. You can install a new WordPress, in the version of your choice, with the desired click-through parameters without fussing about uploading files and creating databases.

Server Side Advanced Cashing System

We provide server-side cash services for various components of your site: static files, dynamic files (PHP), and read-only for your database. All of this contributes to the speed of loading your site and adding you to another unnecessary plug-in.

WordPress Update Management

Our management interface allows you to make updates to all components of your WordPress site in one click, quickly and efficiently. Also, you can turn off automatic updates and save surprises from updates that did not succeed without your knowledge.

Close security vulnerabilities in a click

Decades of experience in security, thousands of different practices and one simple and easy tool. With one click, you can perform a site security check and close known vulnerabilities and security breaches on WordPress sites. All this without the need for technical knowledge.

Satisfied Customers

Customers who gave us a great responsibility to support their business.

Yossi Ben-Zvi

" The prices are very comfortable and the features are amazing. They did everything! Moving to them was smooth, they did all the hard work for us. Their 7 \ 24 support is professional, fast and even entertaining (huge thanks to Representative Eden). Good company, very pleased with them so far and recommend to everyone. "

Yaron Rosen

" First of all the service! Service level and availability above all imagination, even at night, not to mention the technology itself which leaves dust to many other storage companies, their panel saves time in management, allows WordPress control, very intuitive, everything is very simple and works well! "

Nir Zinger

" We found Vangus as an uncompromising service provider, constantly striving for excellence, attentive to our needs and tailoring custom solutions, enabling us to continue to provide high-quality service to our customers. "

Ronen Meshulam

" I have been a web developer since 1996 and have moved to a large number of storage companies. Most of them had a lack of communication and response. In Wangos I don't have to call, I can chat with them, even in the evening, and get full support for explanations and pictures. It's fun to work with a company that can address a wide range of issues. Their management panel is easy to operate and the sites are rising fast! "

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